Special Announcement



July 2020


This special announcement is to let you know that the Journal of Contemporary Ministry is up and running again!



The Journal of Contemporary Ministry was established under the oversight of Harvest Bible College in 2014 and published 4 issues in 2015-2018 as an online open access journal. You can read these by going to www.journalofcontemporaryministry.com

Ownership of the journal has now been transferred to the Christian Research Association (CRA). The editorial board and editorial team are being reconstituted.

Issue 5 of the Journal of Contemporary Ministry is now being prepared and submissions of articles and book reviews are invited. Submissions need to be received by August 31 2020.

Associate Professor Jon Newton is continuing as the editor of the journal. He may be contacted on jon.newton@ac.edu.au

Dr Stephen Parker is the new book review editor. His email address is SParker@acom.edu.au

Professor Philip Hughes is the editor of the Research Notes section (see below). His email address is philip.hughes@ac.edu.au

Ashley Manly is the new manager of the journal and should be contacted for help with processes and mechanics of submission of material for publication. His email address is admin@cra.org.au

Submissions should be made to the website of the journal.



Subject to receiving material of a suitable academic quality, each issue of the Journal of Contemporary Ministry will publish the following material:

  1. Scholarly articles on topics related to contemporary ministry. These are subject to “double blind” peer review by two relevant scholars. Usually 4 of these will be included in any issue of the journal.
  2. Book reviews on recently-published books in the field of contemporary ministry. These will be subject to review by the book review editor.
  3. Student essays from post-graduate students in accredited colleges and universities in Australia and other countries (generally only one of these will be published in any issue, subject to the editor’s discretion).
  4. Pastoral reflections of a thoughtful, informed nature about issues related to contemporary ministry grounded in the pastor’s or minister’s own experience (generally only one of these will be published in any issue).
  5. Research notes on current research projects in the field.
  6. Short summaries of recent doctoral theses in the field of contemporary ministry.


If you have a potential submission but are not sure if it would be considered, email the editor or book review editor.

If you want to submit something for publication but need help with the mechanics of submission, email the journal manager after reading the Guidelines.


For guidelines and instructions on submissions go to